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Good morning all, Visual Collective is coming to you from the Great Ocean Road.

Wrapping up my 2019, this was my strike mission to The Great Ocean Road with Jetstar and fellow photographer Darren Tierney ( check him out ).

A late flight from the Gold Coast got us into Melbourne at 10.30pm where we picked up our rental car, driving snacks and hit the road making it to the Twelve Apostles information centre at 2am. With a few hours before sunrise and wanting to stretch the legs we walked down to the Twelve Apostles and Gibson Beach viewing platforms and gave some Astro photography a go before we couldn't feel our hands anymore. With the cold getting the better of us, we opted for the warmth of the car and got a few hours sleep before sunrise.

Sunset on our first day found us at Loch Ard Gorge and doing some long exposures at The Knife. On our way back to the car, well after dark, we were greeted by a very hungry fox scavenging for food. Being the only ones left in the carpark, we gave it a wide berth and continued on our way. While packing the gear into the boot, the Fox came up behind us in complete darkness and gave Darren a bite on the calf, luckily Darren was wearing thick jeans and it didn't break the skin. While in the safety of the car, and making sure he was okay the laughter began and it was the running joke and Photoshop fun for the rest of the trip.... see below photo :)

I don't blame the Fox and I guess it's used to seeing humans as a food source now and was only looking for dinner. It pays to never feed wild animals and take your rubbish with you for this fact, as they can be dangerous when hungry or cornered.

Over the next few days we photographed the incredible coastline from the Apostles to London Bridge and a few new locations I hadn't shot before. On our last day with overcast and drizzly weather, it was perfect shooting conditions for the waterfalls so we drove the 45 minutes from the coast into the Otways Ranges and visited Hopetoun and Beauchamp Falls which had decent flow after recent rain and spent a few hours walking around the Redwood Forest.

While only a few days on the Great Ocean Road is never enough, it's such a compact coastline with so much to see and do, it's a perfect place for a weekend mission.

Have a great day all,


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