Good afternoon all, Visual Collective is coming to you from Tropical North Queensland.

Wrapping up our 2019 here is our recent trip to the Tropical North with Apollo Motorhomes.

TNQ is one our favourite locations in Australia to visit with its beautiful beaches, the luscious rain forests and Barrier Reef. Everything is bluer, greener and the animals are more dangerous, it's truly an exciting location to visit.

Like most visits to the Tropical north, our journey started in Cairns where we picked up a new addition to the fleet from the Apollo depot, a turbo diesel pop top V8 Toyota Landcrusier; fully equipped to reach anywhere in the Tropical north and I'm sure anywhere Australia could throw at it.

With the weather report looking wet for the first few days we decided make the most of the conditions to photograph the multitude of incredible waterfalls and water holes the area has to offer.

The very first fall we visited was a locals secret, Fairy Falls, which was only a short 30 minutes from the airport. Luckily, we were sat next to a local lady on the plane to Cairns that lived next door to the falls and confirmed we had the correct directions to find it without taking any wrong turns.

From there we headed north into Port Douglas to settle in for a night before heading on to the Daintree.

Luckily, just outside of Port Douglas we noticed a group of tourists standing precariously on the side of a bridge just before town taking photos, so we decided to pull over and risk it to see what was worth dodging caravans and trucks to get a view of. It turned out to be two big, beautiful Saltwater Crocs sunning themselves.

While in Port Douglas we met up with some friends from the Coast and enjoyed a meal and a few drinks at the Central Hotel to celebrate the end of their trip and to kick ours off right. In the morning we headed to the Port Douglas Markets and visited the famous Coconut Man for some legendary breakfast.

Then we got on our way, paid our crossing fare and took the car ferry across the croc infested waters to The Daintree National Park and up to Cape Tribulation.

Our first first stop was the incredible Blue Pools, another locals spot hidden in the dense jungle. These pools are a safe place to cool off over the summer months as it's away from the coast and has had no reports of any crocs entering, but to say I wasn't on guard the entire time would be a lie.

We spent a night in the National Park so we could have more time to check out the local beaches and short walks the next day. Unfortunately, the tropics had had well over a meter of rain over the past few months and the ocean was a chocolate brown, so some of the blue water beach images I had in mind were off the cards, but the coastline was still incredible none the less.

From the Daintree we headed south to the unmissable Mossman Gorge. It has totally changed since last time I was there, arguably for the better, now having to pay a small fee to catch a bus a few km down the road to the beginning of the walk. I believe this to be a great idea, freeing up the narrow road in and breaking the up the visitors to the famous swimming hole into smaller and more manageable groups.

Taylor says: Before you scoff at the fee, it's important to mention that this system was put in place to try and preserve as much of this World Heritage listed area as possible, while also generating more jobs for local people who staff the purpose built Mossman Gorge Centre. Check out their website or visit the Centre for more info.

With the weather turning again, we headed south to Palm Cove to catch some fleeting sunshine before venturing on into the Atherton Tablelands to visit the many ( obligatory ) waterfalls and walks the area is famous for.

The highlights for us were the simple but stunning Millia Millia, which was more impressive after the recent rain, and Windin Falls; another off the beaten track location situated in the Wooroonooran National Park.

Taylor says: Don't forget Curtain Fig and Nandroya Falls! Also very much worth mentioning and two of my favourites.

Windin Falls is a relatively easy ( but long ) walk through dense rain forest, but isn't sign posted, so it's best to do your research before you go, and screenshot the details ( Thanks, Tay ) as there is no reception up there.

We almost turned back after the first fifteen minutes of walking as we had just cleared our 4th snake off the narrow track... but continuing was truly worth it for the infinity pool, the waterfall that plummets hundreds of feet into the valley and the views down into the range.

Taylor says: Not even Simon's photo's could do this place justice. You really need to sit on the edge and bask in the glory yourself. I was in tears when we got there and finally saw it (definitely wasn't cracking it at Simon, it was the beauty I swear!)

We finished off our Tableland adventure with Josephine Falls and Babinda Boulders, before heading back to Cairns for our last night and ( of course ) celebratory dinner and drinks at a funky little diner/bar called The Courtyard. ( They're really into gnomes... )

I love gnomes...

There is so much to see and do in close proximity to Cairns and should be on anyone's radar if planning a trip to Australia or Queensland.

If anyone wants more info on our trip and the locations we visited, please get in touch.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Apollo for the incredible 4x4 camper and the helpful staff there for their wealth of knowledge and willingness to help us plan our itinerary.

Apollo Cairns

Ph: 1800 777 779

Have a great day all, we'll leave you with these extra photos from our trip,


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