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Good Evening, Visual Collective is coming to you from the Bunya Mountains.

We just got back from an amazing couple of days up the Bunya Mountains staying at the Bunyip Springs Farm Stay.

What an amazing experience we had, staying on the 620 acre property surrounded by farm animals and getting the true farm experience. Each day we fed the alpacas and horses, milked cows morning and night and gathered fresh eggs. There's plenty of things to do in and around the closest town of Maidenwell, as well as things to see and do after a short drive into surrounding towns such as Kingaroy (Peanuts!) and Nanango. Although we didn't drive right up the mountain into the Bunya Mountains National Park this time, we highly recommend giving it a visit too.

This truly authentic farm experience is something you won't be able to get anywhere else.

The hosts Kathy and Reg have worked tirelessly for years to make this place what it is today and it has been an honour watching it grow from the single cottage accommodation it was 15 years ago to what it is now. (Of course we still stayed in the original cottage for authenticity's sake - Tay used to come here a lot as a kid)

The drive up is only around 3 hours from the Gold Coast with plenty of rest stops available, so it's not too stressful if you're traveling with kids.

We are so appreciative to have been able to take a trip to such a special place that's always so welcoming - Thanks to Kathy and Reg of course.

I highly recommend this experience and I've linked the website below.

Website: Bunyip Springs Farm Stay

Have a great night, VC


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